If you’d like to come face to face with some of Australia’s most amazing wildlife, head just 90 minutes outside Melbourne, Australia to Phillip Island. There, find an incredible nature conservancy filled with countless native species, like birds, wallabies, seals and whales.

Of course, some of Phillip Island’s most popular residents are the koalas and the penguins.

At their Koala Center, wander the two treetop boardwalks to observe the koalas in their natural habitat. The loops are easy to walk and take about 20 minutes each. You can also explore the park’s many bushland trails.

In the evening, enjoy prime penguin viewing. Head down the “Penguin Parade” boardwalks to the beach where you can observe one of Australia’s largest penguin colonies. Look for their burrows, where some rest during the day or return to at night.

So what’s the best way to get to Phillip Island? Journese offers a full-day excursion from Melbourne in a package that conveniently includes entrance fees, dinner, and transfers. For more details, and to put together an amazing Australia getaway for you and your family, call your Stellar Travel advisor.

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