Air France Past And Present

An intriguing new video from our partners at Air France is a glimpse into the past and explores how inflight service has changed yet, remains the same.   Stylish fashion, lobster thermador, baby hammocks and hand shaken martinis are a few highlights from this “changing face of service” video.

Milan Dreaming

While spending a few months living in Milan, Francesco Paciocco created a short video, “that told a story about its people, places and essence.”  Shot in high-def this beautiful, yet gritty, video is a glimpse into the heart of Milan. 

What a wonderful world video from BBC

January (and a bit of dreary Seattle weather) always starts us dreaming of travel and the beautiful places we’d like to see.  This short video from the BBC is just that, a travelers dream.  While viewing some of the BBC’s most famous nature footage, Sir David Attenborough narrates the classic Read more…

Dance Like No One Is Watching

We wanted to share this video from, “Dance Like No One’s Watching.”  The creator, Ki’une, has been dancing his way across the globe with intentions to inspire and think he’s been successful!  We were surprised by how many places we recognized and how many places we’ve yet to see. 

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