On your Princess cruise through the Adriatic, you may stop in Venice.  Home to many glassmakers, who integrated elaborate colors into glass creations inspired by Asian and Muslim influences. Unfortunately, Venice had mostly wooden buildings and the Venetian Republic was afraid that the town’s artists would burn down the city, so they ordered them all to move to Murano in 1291. Many glass artists wanted to participate in the exportation trade of their work, but it was illegal and punishable by death. Even with such intense threats, many of the craftsmen set up secret glass furnaces in surrounding cities, reaching as far as the Netherlands and England.

In the 18th century, such work evolved to glass mirrors and chandeliers, called “ciacca and took glass chandeliers to the front-line of the most yearned for decor. You can purchase memorable interior centerpieces to this day that your party guests will never stop talking about from some of the most renowned Glass Masters.

Want to take an unforgettable tour through their workshop and showroom? Our Partner of the month, Princess Cruises, offers shore excursions to one of the well-known workshops and you can even find pieces to purchase in their fine gift boutiques aboard the vessel.

You can request a Murano Glass Factory Tour with your Stellar Travel Advisor and ask about the other local craft tours provided through your Princess Cruise booking.



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