One of the wonderful things about using our Travel Advisors is their ability to book you the best personalized tour available. For example; our partners in Turkey, Sea Song Tours. Sea Song creates private tours throughout Turkey including Istanbul and Kusadasi (Ephesus) tailoring each one to our client’s needs. Not only do they offer VIP service to and from the airport, they know all the best destinations, local restaurants and nightlife.

Stellar Travel and Sea Song can create an itinerary of fantastic sightseeing or something special based on your interests…


  • Learn Turkish and Ottoman cuisine in a private cooking class
  • Discover exotic ingredients, herbs and spices with an in-depth tasting tour through the local markets
  • Taste regional cuisine and experience the warmth of Turkish hospitality with an invitation into a traditional village home
  • Follow the path of the humble olive from the September harvest to premium Aegean olive oil


  • Meet local archaeologists at excavation sites
  • Privileged access to excavations not open to the public
  • Enjoy a museum tour with a local History Professor

Outdoor Adventure

  • Mountain biking excursions tailored for thrill seekers or families
  • Sea Kayak along the Turquoise Coast
  • Raft grade 5 rapids on the Coruh River in May and June
  • Trek the Lycian Way, or join the route for a pleasant day walk
  • Try snow shoeing in Cappadocia during the winter

Sacred Places

  • Paul passed through Turkey on his three missionary journeys, learn about his travels and follow his path
  • Discover Jewish history in Anatolia which dates back to the 7th Century BC
  • Explore Islam through the architectural legacy of Sinan the Great
  • Learn about the Sufi community; watch Whirling Dervishes perform the Sema ritual and visit the revered tomb of Rumi
  • Visit the House of the Virgin Mary, a Catholic shrine visited by three Popes

Artisan Interests

  • Discover the cherished arts of hand-made Turkish textiles
  • Learn about Iznik ceramics and visit with pottery artisans in Kutahaya and Cappadocia
  • See coppersmiths, tinsmiths, glassblowers and calligraphers using techniques unchanged through centuries


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